Just noticed that the video link was broken in this post – it’s now fixed (JPM 11/19/14)


Here is the link to video on Youtube of Ron Staudt’s class on Online Legal Aid Forms.

Your homework assignment for this class is here.

Here are Ron Staudt’d slides.

Here are John Mayer’s slides.

Some links from the presentation

A2J Author website – www.a2jauthor.org

Center for Access to Justice and Technology at Chicago-Kent College of Law

Illinois Legal Aid

National Law Help website (links to all 50 state legal aid websites) – www.lawhelp.org

Law Help Interactive – https://lawhelpinteractive.org/

Legal Services Corporation Technology Initiative Grants – http://tig.lsc.gov/

The Legal Aid Safety Net: Report on the Legal Needs of Illinoisans

Future Ed: New Business Models for U.S. and Global Legal Education 


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