Homework Assignment #7


Work through the form … Petition to Expunge or Seal Criminal Record–Chicago only for Illinois or copy the link below.  Work through the entire interview until you get back a document.


Here is a list of A2J forms that you can also explore (scroll down and note the “A2J” next to the form description).

Pay special attention to the interface and it’s differences from the interactive form you used in Homework Assignment #2.  Here are the links to the HotDocs forms from that assignment for your convenience…

https://tsc.orrick.com/ – Uses HotDocs and is mostly browser independent.  You need to have Microsoft Silverlight installed for this to work.  You can get it here.

http://www.wsgr.com/wsgr/display.aspx?sectionname=practice/termsheet.htm – Uses Contract Express as the document automation engine.

http://www.goodwinfoundersworkbench.com/ – Click the green button CREATE DOCUMENTS at the bottom of the page to get started.


CALI needs your help.  We are working on a new version of A2J-Author written in HTML/Javascript that (1) doesn’t require Adobe Flash and (2) will also run on small screen smart phones like the Apple IPhone.   Your feedback will help us design the new interface.


1) Write an analysis describing your impressions of how well the A2J interface works (or doesn’t) and how well it will work if it gets scaled up to larger and more complicated legal documents and situations.

2) More and more people are accessing the web via smartphones.  How should A2J look or act different if it is going to run on the smaller screen of a smartphone?  Are there any killer features that it should have?  Are there any features, that if missing, would prevent people from using A2J as a smartphone app?


Put your answers into your homework wiki page.




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