Homework Assignment #2



  1. In your wiki homework page, list (at least) FIVE benefits/advantages to Document Automation.
  2. In your wiki homework page, list (at least) FIVE pitfalls/problems/barriers to Document Automation.


Test at least two document automation websites and write a memo (or whatever you choose to call it) capturing your impressions.

In this assignment, you are going to visit several websites and run through a couple of automated document interviews  as though you were an attorney working on a document for a client.   Marc Laurtisen has warned the kind folks at these websites that you are coming.

You will have to enter fake information to get back any meaningful result.  Please be respectful in your choice of fake names, addresses, etc.  We are invited guests.

Don’t just fill out the forms from start to finish.  Go back and change choices and notice what happens – how you have to provide different information based on your choices.  Think about how the law applies differently based on different information in all cases.  Think about what it takes to create systems like this.

Here are the links…

https://tsc.orrick.com/ – Uses HotDocs and is mostly browser independent.  You need to have Microsoft Silverlight installed for this to work.  You can get it here.

http://www.wsgr.com/wsgr/display.aspx?sectionname=practice/termsheet.htm – Uses Contract Express as the document automation engine.

http://www.goodwinfoundersworkbench.com/ – Click the green button CREATE DOCUMENTS at the bottom of the page to get started.

If you experience difficulties using any of these forms, try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).   Each link above presents an interview in a different way.  My intention is for you to experience different systems at work.

Once you have tried out at least TWO of these systems, write a couple of paragraphs capturing your impressions.  Pretend that you are a junior associate at a law firm who has been asked by a partner to “check these out” and report back.  You are the tech-savvy new associate teaching the old-school partner who is unfamiliar with technology.  The partner wants to know if this technology is worth further and deeper investigation and whether it is worth the training and time investment to create automated documents for the practice.

What do you say after your experience?  Post your SHORT RESPONSE (these partners are busy folks) in your homework wiki.   Just like law school, there is no wrong answer, just poorly reasoned arguments.

Don’t forget to put a “–2–” behind your name on the wiki home page when you complete the assignment.



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  1. Marc — I noticed a comment or two on TheFormTool and thought I might add relevant info:

    Just months after its introduction,TheFormTool is being taught at the college level to paralegals. There are likely two major reasons for its quick adoption. First, it is the most powerful and easiest to use document assembly tool on the planet. It’s learning curve is measured in minutes, not months.™

    Second, the TheFormTool’s basic version is offered under a completely free lifetime license, a price students find very attractive.

    I invite you to visit our site, http://www.theformtool.com and to watch our news on Twitter.

    — Bob

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